Apex Legends could have been everything and more! The response to the FPS battle royal Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment may have shot it’s load to soon. Rumors suggested the mega title was at risk of losing the top spot coveted by other heavy hitters such as PUBG and RoE. Turns out, most of that chatter turned out to be exaggeration and hype.

For those living under a rock, Apex Legends came out swinging for the fences.  Touting about its ability to reach the 1 million player mark within only 8 hours of its release.  At 72 hours into the release we heard moans of, “oh yeah 50 million players.”  But now, many months after release, how is this title stacking up next to the giants?

Well, if we do the math from say the title is was said to crush (Fortnite) with over 200 million players to Apex’s still roughly 50 million players it starts to seem a little cruel.  Have you seen a pencil that has been used down to it’s last 25% next to a brand new unsharpened one?  Better luck next time Apex Legends.

What’s your favorite Battle Royale?

Apex Legends