At the beginning of this week, we received our first official look at the Sonic The Hedgehog movie thanks to the official poster being released. While the poster was met to a lot of mixed opinions to say the least, it was hard to make out what the blue blur would actually look like due to his character being a silhouette. However a new leaked poster has revealed what Sonic may actually look like in the movie.

While the first (official) poster has already inspired a truck load of memes, this leaked one has already managed to garner quite a lot of attention from fans of the franchise.

The biggest question is why is Chris Pratt in the poster? Rumour has it that before James Marsden was cast in the lead human role, Pratt among many others were being eyed for the role and this was an early concept design.

It’s safe to say that this design of the blue speedster is not exactly ‘good’ looking and it has had many fans running scared from this movie, however the movie is still around a year away and therefore the CGI will still need to be topped up as time goes on and it should look a lot more clean and shiny come the films eventual release.

Sonic The Hedgehog will release on October 11th 2019