Melisandre – A Purpose Fulfilled

Oh how wee have hated her over the years. Her hand undid everything we cheered for. Because of her we lost Renly, Stannis and his army – TWICE! Ser Davos sword should have met her neck long ago. In fact when he confronts her at the gates of Winterfell, I wasn’t sure if that wasn’t about to happen.

Melisandre really does not do much for most of the episode except wander around. She lights the Dothraki arakh, but they meet their end in mere minutes so no help there. She manages to light the trench when nothing else could. I will admit i expected a white walker to kill her here as she lit the trench since it took so long.

She meets with Arya once more, as prophesied. She delivers a message we don’t understand until the end of the show. All we know is Arya goes bolting out of the room. The battle is won and she is still alive. Did we miss something? Where is her death?

Then it happens. She walks out of the room with the Hound. Her face is emotionless, yet looks dejected and lost, when in fact they just won the battle. Melisandre walks out the gate, past the mountains of dead on every side. She removes her necklace of power and drops it. She continues walking only to turn into the ancient being we saw in an earlier season. After a few more steps she withers and dies out in the frozen tundra – alone. End of episode.

She wanted to make right for her mistakes. She did what she did because she thought it would bring victory. When it did not, she broke and has been broken ever since. It was such a sad not to end on. It really makes one feel for her. The Lord of Light was done with her. Her purpose – concluded.

Drogon – A Giant, Scaled Puppy

Drogon could be on here for several reasons, but in the end one reason suffices. As Dani kneels over a dying Jorah, sobbing uncontrollably, the giant, fierce, flame breathing, scaled creature of death, crawls up to Dani, wraps his body in a circle around her, whimpers, and folds his wing over her for protection. It was hard enough watching Jorah die, as fitting an ending as it was, fighting for the one he loved, but that extra touch from Drogon melted hearts. The mighty dragon was no more than a puppy, putting its muzzle in a grieving owners lap.