Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood, Professor Hulk, here. I’m about to drop some knowledge of some exciting stuff in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details on a new animated Star Wars project. This week, we’re talking about Monster Hunter.

We’ve exclusively learned that Sony and Capcom are working on a live-action series adapting the popular video game franchise.

What About The Paul W.S. Anderson Monster Hunter Movie?

I’m sure many others will ask how this relates to the recent film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson; and the short answer is, it doesn’t. Sony reportedly is unsatisfied with the results of the film and sees it as a terrible return on investment for any sequel.

At the same time, a relatively popular showrunner pitched the studio on a series. While this doesn’t mean the movie’s sequel is dead and gone, it does mean that the studio is looking to branch out and look into other possible avenues to adapt the famous video game series.

Other Plot Details

While scripts have not been written, a leaked outline suggests that Monster Hunter will follow a similar format to the games, with a band of hunters going out into the wilderness to fight and capture monsters. In addition, it’s said that the show is taking inspiration from Netflix’s The Witcher and will feature `Monster of the week’ along with an over-arching and ongoing story.

Where Will Monster Hunter Stream?

Currently, Sony is bidding out the rights for the show, with Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime being in a deadlock for the rights.

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