Well now that we can put all the Spider-Man: No Way Home rumors to rest, we now can get back to focusing on all the Star Wars ones. Now we have already talked about many rumors circling around the Ahsoka series. From Ezra to Thrawn we have heard a little bit of everything. Well, let’s add more to that Thrawn list with some new rumors coming our way from the Illuminerdi.

The Will Be No Shortage Of Grand Admiral Thrawn In The Ahsoka Series

For those that may have been wondering what happened to Grand Admiral Thrawn, it looks like we might finally get our answer. In a report from the Illiminerdi, it seems that Thrawn will be one of the main characters throughout the series. Here is what they had to say.

Bridger and thrawn series; Ezra; Star Wars Rebels
Hoping to see these two again in the Ahsoka Series? Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

“We at The Illuminerdi have been digging into Ahsoka to try and find more details and we’ve recently discovered exciting character details about the Imperial strategist.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is described as a grand admiral in the Imperial Navy and unequivocally, the most clever and calculating of the Emperor’s followers. Thrawn is tall, strong, with a solid build. He is a member of the Chiss alien species meaning he is a blue skinned humanoid with glowing red eyes. Thrawn dons a white uniform befitting his rank with the Empire. Grand Admiral Thrawn is described as a series lead.

Thrawn Makes Sense

With all that is out there right now, I feel that we don’t need any more rumors to confirm that Thrawn will be in this series. Thanks to The Mandalorian we know that Ahsoka is looking for him so it makes sense that he is in her series. What this really opens up is who else from Star Wars: Rebels will we see in live-action form. We have already had reports that Natasha Liu Bordizzo will be playing Sabine Wren. Also, we can’t forget the rumors of Mena Massoud and Lars Mikkelsen playing Ezra and Thrawn. Well, whoever shows up and plays who is still down the road, but I do know I am excited about this series no matter what!

Could Lars Mikkelsen be our live-action Thrawn?

We Want To Hear From You

What do you think about Thrawn being one of the main characters in the Ahsoka series? Who do you think will play the role? Also, what other characters would you like to see make the jump from animated to live-action? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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