Based on the novel by Sarah Alderson, The Weekend Away is a new edge-of-your-seat thriller starring Leighton Meester that’s coming to Netflix!

THE WEEKEND AWAY – Two friends go on holiday. Only one comes back.

The Weekend Away follows two best friends, Beth (Meister) and Kate (Christina Wolfe), who go on vacation in Croatia together. They’re in the perfect flat, with the perfect view, and have the perfect itinerary. What better way to start off the perfect vacation than with the perfect night out? Or is it? 

The next day, Beth wakes up to find Kate missing. Accused of murdering her best friend, Beth must prove her innocence while uncovering the painful truth of Kate’s secrets. The screenplay is written by the original novel author, Sarah Alderson. And is directed by Kim Farrant (Strangerland).


A Weekend Away also stars Ziad Bakri (Mare Nostrum), and Luke Norris (Poldark). And is executive produced by Kari Hatfield, and Sarah Alderson. As well as, produced by Erica Steinberg, Charlie Morrison, and Ben Pugh.

You can watch the film beginning on March 3rd, 2022 on Netflix. Make sure to stay tuned to THS for more trailers, news, and reviews!