A24 has a way of revealing extremely limited information about new films that still somehow draws you in. And their latest tease for Men is no different. 

The thriller comes from writer/director Alex Garland, known for his work on Ex Machina. It stars Jessie Buckley as a woman who goes on a solo vacation to the English countryside following the death of her ex-husband.

But it quickly becomes clear she isn’t as alone as she thought.

A man played by Rory Kinnear keeps appearing to torment her – on her walk through the woods, on her property, maybe even inside her home.

Here’s the official description of Men from A24:

In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Harper (Jessie Buckley) retreats alone to the beautiful English countryside, hoping to have found a place to heal. But someone or something from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her. What begins as simmering dread becomes a fully-formed nightmare, inhabited by her darkest memories and fears in visionary filmmaker Alex Garland’s (Ex Machina, Annihilation) feverish, shape-shifting new horror film.

Without any more details to go off of, it’s hard to predict what Men has in store for viewers. But the trailer sure is intriguing.

In addition to Ex Machina, Garland’s credits include Annihilation, 28 Days Later, and recent FX series Devs.

Star Buckley recently scored a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the 94th Academy Awards for her role in The Lost Daughter. Her other recent work includes the Fargo TV series and the Charlie Kaufman pic I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

Men premieres in theaters May 20.

Men poster

So, what did you think of the trailer? Did the combined promise of A24, Garland, and Buckley win you over? Let us know in the comments below.

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