According to PWInsider WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio is expected to return to in-ring action as soon as early July.

Mysterio’s target return date is the July 6 Raw taping in Newark, New Jersey.  However, he would still have to be medically cleared for in-ring action.  WWE is confident Mysterio will be back by late July.

At Money in the Bank Mysterio defeated Samoa Joe for the United States Championship.  However, during the match Mysterio separated his shoulder and was forced to relinquish his title the following night on Raw.  This Raw on May 20 was the last time we saw Mysterio.

WWE Rey Mysterio
Courtesy Of WWE

Mysterio’s Possible SummerSlam Opponent?

A late July return date will give WWE just enough time to set-up a feud for SummerSlam.  This year’s will be held on August 11 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada.  SummerSlam is the second biggest PPV of the year just behind Wrestlemania.  Mysterio is a big name and WWE will for sure want him to participate.

A feud with Samoa Joe would make perfect sense since Joe was the person who injured him.  However, I think having one of the best Lucha Libre wrestlers of all-time on 205 Live is a no brainer.  A big name like Mysterio on 205 Live will give the brand credibility and bring more eyes to the program.  I think for health reasons 205 Live may be a better spot for him as well.

Cruiserweight G.O.A.T Giving Back To The Division

He is reaching the end of his career because we have to keep in mind he was a standout in WCW’s cruiserweight division.  Working with lighter guys will be easier on his body than getting rag-dolled by giant guys like Baron Corbin or someone like that.

However, Mysterio should also be looking at what will come after wrestling.  Working with young cruiserweights and teaching them decades of wrestling knowledge will be invaluable to them.  Working as a producer for cruiserweights work be a great next step for him. He could also teach them how to break out of the cruiserweight cage and become marketable and believable world champs.  If I was a cruiserweight I would for sure want him or Eddie to mentor me, but Eddie’s not around anymore. 



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