The superhuman duo of Archer & Armstrong will return Valiant Entertainment‘s newest comic book series. This time, Armstrong is in a heap of trouble. Well, a lot more trouble than usual.

A Return From A Long Vacation

"Archer & Armstrong Forever" main cover art.
I can just hear Jack Sparrow’s voice saying: “My rum!”. Cover artists: Bernard Chang after Barry Windsor-Smith.

Valiant Entertainment (also reported by Syfy Wire) is proud to announce its new comic book series: Archer & Armstrong Forever. The first issue of this latest adventure of the duo of Obadiah Archer (AKA: Archer) and Aram Anni-Padda (AKA: Armstrong) will launch on May 4, 2022. You can preorder this comic book at your local comic book shop. You can also theoretically preorder it on digital outlets. However, as of this writing, there are currently no outlets with this comic book available. I suppose the preorder option will become available at a later date then. Tune in later to find out when.

Archer & Armstrong Forever: Details

"The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong" Vol. 1-11 cover art.
I want to say that they’ve come a long way since their first meeting, but the cover seems eager to contradict me.

So what are Obadiah Archer and Aram Anni-Padda’s latest adventures in Archer & Armstrong Forever? Well actually, it seems like they’ve got an unusually serious plotline here. According to the synopsis, it seems that the normally immortal Armstrong has somehow lost said immortality. Not willing to lose his best (and seemingly only) friend, Archer embarks on a quest to make his friend immortal again. Or at least, he hopes to do so. Valiant Entertainment’s official synopsis has a bit more below:

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG FOREVER #1 marks the eagerly anticipated return of Valiant Entertainment’s fan-favorite and adventurous duo. When the carefree, hard-drinking, and immortal Aram Anni-Padda, a.k.a. Armstrong, seemingly loses his ability to heal from any wound and believes his days as an immortal are finally coming to an end, his young and optimistic best friend Obadiah Archer will travel the world in search of mythical artifacts to save his dear friend.

A buddy comedy adventure with a lot of heart, the new series ARCHER & ARMSTRONG FOREVER is written by Steve Foxe (X-Men ’92: House of XCII), illustrated by Marcio Fiorito (Eternals: The 500 Year War), colored by Alex Guimarães (Savage Avengers), and lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (The Blue Flame). The first issue will have a limited 1:250 Burnt Wood Variant Cover, and yes, it really is made from burnt wood.”

Source: Valiant Entertainment, Syfy Wire