The CW’s Arrowverse is gearing up to start filming next month in Vancouver, Canada, including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! As the time-traveling superhero series is prepping filming for its fourth season, That Hashtag Show can exclusively reveal two new characters who will be appearing this coming season.

First up is a new series regular Asian character whose name is “Ali”, potentially a cover name for a DC character, but you never know. She is somewhere in her 20s as a young woman who is searching deeply for her mission in life. Teased as a mega-intelligent and sharp as heck person, “Ali” tends to sometimes be a little aloof and being too distracted by her own imagination as well as romantic impulses. She loves YA literature as well as fantasy novels hence her hunger and curiosity for adventures. Despite her disappointment with the state of the world, “Ali” continues to keep an optimistic head as much as possible with any situation that she faces. “Ali” also has a deep love for animals as she believes each animal has a purpose to fulfill on our planet.

Next up is a recurring new player who is related to one of our Legends! After having met his superhero-y grandfather in Season 2, we’ll be meeting Nate Heywood’s (Nick Zano) father Hank Heywood! He is somewhere in his 60s and while he is loved by many, his son Nate is not one of them. Their relationship is a very mixed one as Hank is always on his son’s back for not doing more with his life. Having served in the military, Hank is now working for the Department of Defense. Carrying a Woody Harrelson-y charm, Hank takes traditional values very seriously such as patriotism and sacrifice. But he isn’t being a dick about his beliefs and while Nate may have had his list of failures in life; Hank loves his son as much as a father possibly could.

These are indeed exciting characters to look forward to in the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow. We’ll most likely get more details about what’s coming up in the new season at San Diego Comic-Con next month, along with The CW’s other DC super shows. But in the meantime, be sure to sound off in the comments below what you think about these new characters and stay tuned here at That Hashtag Show for everything trending in geek pop culture!!!