I can remember the Power Rangers Zeo episode “Ranger of Two Worlds” like it was yesterday. Besides being a “team up” episode between the Zeo Rangers and Alien Rangers, it was the last time we would see Billy Cranston, the Original Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. He will always be known as the brains and intelligence for the core Ranger team. Even though this opened up the opportunity for other characters to become rangers, his presence was missed on the show after the fact. I believe Billy may have lived on in the show through his intelligence by inventing and creating new ways to help his friends in a desperate times of need.

Here are 5 things that Billy may have been involved in after his departure to Aquitar in Power Rangers Zeo

#5 Creating The Turbo Powers

  • After defeating the Machine Empire, things were peaceful until the arrival of the space pirate queen, Divatox. While she worked toward her goal of resurrecting and marrying the demon Maligore on the ancient island Muranthias, Zordon gave the Rangers new powers and Zords. Created using what Zordon called “Turbo” technology. These powers were just what they needed to defeat and put a stop to Divatox’s plans. Where did these “Turbo” Powers come from? How were they created? I recall during the Gold Ranger Arc of Power Rangers Zeo, Billy was always gone when the Gold Ranger would arrive. We all thought the mysterious Gold Ranger was Billy at the time. In time, he would be revealed to be Lord Trey of Triforia. Billy always said he was working on something. What if he was creating the Turbo Powers and Zords? What if the fight against the Machine Empire drained the Zeo Powers down? Either way, Billy having a hand in creating these powers seem to be the most likely answer.

#4 Creating The Phantom Ranger

  • After Passing of The Torch, where Tommy, Kat, Tonya, and Adam passed their powers onto T.J, Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos, the Rangers would be introduced to the mysterious Phantom Ranger. He would help the Rangers in their continuous fight against Divatox and her brother General Havoc. The identity and background of The Phantom Ranger is mostly unknown. We do know he is from Zordon’s planet Eltar. What if Billy helped Zordon and Alpha create the Phantom Ranger? What if Billy is actually the Phantom Ranger? My personal opinion I don’t believe Billy was the Phantom Ranger. I believe Billy sought inspiration from Auric The Conqueror, The Blue Senturion, and even his inactive time as a Ranger, helping from the Power Chamber. He learned that he didn’t have to become a Ranger to be of help to the world and his friends.