#3 Creating The Rescue Zords

Power Rangers Turbo Billy
  • The Phantom Ranger had a hand in this as well. Given to the 2nd team of Turbo Rangers, The Rescue Zords were available for their usage after Divatox and General Havoc stole the Turbo Megazord and reprogrammed it for their evil purposes. The origin and creation of these zords are unknown. Being that they were brought by the Phantom Ranger, It is possible that Billy, once again, created them for the Rangers, who were in dire need of a megazord to stop Divatox’s forces.

#2 Creation of The Robot Rangers

  • The Robot Rangers were created by Zordon and Alpha 5 on Eltar. They were sent to Earth to test their effectiveness in assisting the Turbo Rangers of Earth. After their return to Eltar, their whereabouts became unknown. Billy may have had a major hand in assisting Zordon and Alpha 5 with these Robot Rangers. They have access to their own set of Turbo Powers which does not interfere with the others.