In a new issue of Televi-kun magazine we get more info and new pics about the newest Sentai Ryusouger. Their dinosaur mecha are called Kishiryu. He’s main evil of the series will be called Druidon we currently have no pictures of the villians.

When the Ryusougers use the extra Ryusouls give the Rangers extra armor and powers. We have images and descriptions for five extra Ryusouls. The Ryusougers can change the Ryusouls as many times as they want giving them many options for battle.

  • Tsuyo Soul- used by Ryusou Red, makes you strong enough to slice through a boulder.
  • Nobi Soul- used by Ryouou Blue, it elongates you to trap enemies.
  • Omo Soul- used by Ryusou Pink, it gives you a ball and chain weapon.
  • Haya Soul- used by Ryusou Green, increases your velocity.
  • Kata Soul- used by Ryusou Black, creates a shield for the user.

We also have info on the personal mecha of each Ryusouger. We have a close up image of Ryusou Red’s mecha Tyramiga(T-Rex).

Tyramiga is the strongest of the main mecha. Ryusou Pink is a power attacker and her partner is Ankyloze(ankylosaurus). Ryusou Blue is a calm fighter and his partner is Tricane(Triceratops). Ryusouger Black is an offensive striker his partner is Milneedle(Stegosaurus). Ryusou Green is a velocity striker Saberlance(Sabertooth Tiger).

We also have a close up image of the Ryusougers main weapon Ryusou Ken. The can insert their Ryu Souls to perform a powerful fina attack.

The series is set to premiere in March of 2019. Leave a comment below if your excited for Ryusouger.