Warning: major spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2. Ye be warned.

Personally, I felt that the second episode of The Mandalorian, season 2 was one of the most disturbing, yet darkly humorous episodes of the Disney+ series yet. All because Baby Yoda had the munchies for unborn alien kids. Go figure.

Baby Yoda holding one of Frog Lady's eggs just prior to nomming.
Don’t give us that innocent look, you little glutton.

Understandably, fans were more than a little disturbed by Baby Yoda’s gluttony, myself included. Curiously enough, Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak took to Twitter to defend the little bottomless hole‘s actions. His explanation was…interesting.

Very dark comedic effect, apparently.

So Szostak’s explanation for Baby Yoda’s actions basically boils down to: “Frog Lady’s eggs were unfertilized at the time, so it’s probably okay…maybe.”. Okay, there are so many things wrong with that explanation within the context of that The Mandalorian episode. Where to begin…

Baby Yoda: An Example of Gluttony

Poor Frog Lady.
“Remember, these are the last of my brood.” Uh, about that.

Frog Lady mentions that those eggs are the last of her breeding cycle multiple times over the course of that The Mandalorian episode. In other words: those are the last eggs she’ll ever lay. Worse, she and her husband are apparently the last of their line as well. Meaning that if those eggs die, there goes their entire family line.

So of course, Baby Yoda just kept right on snacking on them like candy. Yeah, just because Frog Lady’s eggs weren’t fertilized at the time of that The Mandalorian episode doesn’t make it okay to eat them. Yes, Szostak acknowledges this and admits that it was intentional, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing. Every single one of those orange globes Baby Yoda slurps up means an even lower chance of survival for Frog Lady’s entire family line. This is made even worse by the fact that Frog Lady actually saved Baby Yoda’s life during the episode.

Baby Yoda slurping up an unborn kid.
You ungrateful little black hole.

To be honest, if I’d been Phil Szostak, I would not have gone with that unfertilized egg explanation. I would’ve just gone with the Toddler Defense. Basically, there’s a reason why we all call the little glutton Baby Yoda. He’s likely somewhere between an infant and a toddler by the time of The Mandalorian. At that age, kids have little to no sense of morality. You might as well try to teach ethics to a pupper.

Whether or not you are a good boy depends on what system of ethics I choose to apply.
Pupper: “Treat?”

Baby Yoda is just too young to realize that what he’s doing is wrong, even as his Mandalorian parent repeatedly tells him to stop eating the friggin’ unborn kids. All Baby Yoda cares about at that age is “Ooh, yummy.”, and that’s it.


Baby Yoda is a gluttonous, little bottomless pit; especially with regards to eggs. He doesn’t care that those eggs are from a sapient race. All he cares about is whether the eggs are yummy or not. He’s too young to think otherwise. Still, looks like the Mandalorian will have his work cut out for him as a single parent.

Source: Twitter