The PS5 is launching tomorrow on November 12, 2020. That is, if you live in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, or South Korea. If you live outside those countries, you’re going to have to wait until November 19. Either way though, you might find this informative.

PS5 on the left, and the slim version on the right.
Both versions of the PS5, ready to launch.

First and most importantly, Sony recently announced that they will not be stocking stores with PS5s. This is in response to a certain pandemic that’s been mucking things up for everyone. This means that you’ll only be able to order PS5s online.

Both the disc drive-less version of the PS5 and the version with the disc drive will be available online through various retailers. The version of the PS5 lacking the disc drive will retail for $400, and the version with the disc drive will retail for $500. The following retailers currently offer the consoles:

However, if you really want a PS5 on launch day that badly, you can also head on over to sites like eBay. Bear in mind though that such sites are infested with scalpers. They’re currently selling the consoles at vastly inflated prices. Some of the scalpers are even selling them for around $1500. Seriously, I know the PS5 is a hot item right now, but please don’t feed the scalpers. At the very least, think of your wallet.

In Other PS5 News

In other news...
Mustachioed announcer tells you: “There’s more.”

Funnily enough, despite Sony’s announcement about them not stocking stores with PS5s on launch day, several retail stores are already claiming that they will sell actual PS5s at their physical stores. Most notably, GameStop recently announced that they will have PS5s available at their stores for their Black Friday sales. And as it turns out, even earlier on launch day.

Understandably, this is a bit confusing on Sony’s part. Either Sony lied, or these stores are buying up PS5s with their own money to get them on shelves. The latter seems more likely. The “very limited number” part of the announcement seems to suggest this. GameStop‘s previous announcement for Black Friday suggests that each store will have about two PS5s.

The short answer? Lining up in long lines to get PS5s at the stores isn’t worth it. Not when only a few people per store are ever going to get them. Better to save yourself the trouble (and possible infection) and just stick to ordering the consoles online.


The PS5 will launch tomorrow on November 12, 2020; or November 19 depending on where you live. Sony will not stock stores with the consoles, but certain stores have them for some reason. They only have very limited stock of them though. So in the end, you might want to stick to ordering them online, for both your safety and your sanity. At the very least, ordering them online will only endanger the latter.

Source: Comic Book