It looks like the hype for Trigun Stampede isn’t over yet by a long shot. Even though this reboot anime is still a long ways away from its debut. How else do you explain this new piece of concept art?

Ye Olde New West?

"Trigun Stampede" concept art depicting a dusty Wild Western locale complete with bar.
You’d never be able to tell that this place was anything but the Wild West.

The official Twitter account for Trigun Stampede recently posted this new piece of concept art, presumably as a further attempt to hype up the upcoming reboot anime. As you can see above, said concept art really leans hard into the whole Western theme of the anime. In fact, you can hardly even tell that this anime takes place in a sci-fi setting on the planet Gunsmoke. The concept art features a dusty desert town, with a prominently featured bar almost smack dab in the center, plus a hotel off to the left. Both buildings look as if they’ve seen better days, and those better days are very, very far behind them. When you have both buildings featuring crooked signs, you know they need maintenance. Badly.

There’s something in the background of this Trigun Stampede concept art behind the hotel that seems like it could be a sci-fi piece of tech. But for the most part, this looks more like a scene straight out of a Wild West movie in the American southwest. Even right down to the sombrero-like hats worn by the few random bystanders. Heck, the only things missing are cacti and may some tumbleweeds. Everything else is perfect.

Unfortunately, it will still be a while before we get to see how this reboot anime lives up to its Wild West ideals. As you can see right there in the concept art, Trigun Stampede still has a release window set for sometime in 2023. It could be anywhere from January to December at this point, so all we can do is hope that someone official clarifies it at some point. Tune back in to THS much later to get that narrowed-down release window when we do.

Trigun Stampede: Details

Still the only trailer we’ve got so far, partner.

Trigun Stampede is the upcoming 2023 reboot of the 1998 Trigun anime, which itself was the anime adaptation of the post-apocalyptic action space Western manga series of the same name by Yasuhiro Nightow (Gungrave, Blood Blockade Battlefront). Orange (Land of the Lustrous, Beastars, Godzilla Singular Point) is the animation studio this time around instead of Madhouse (Death Note, Paprika, One-Punch Man season 1). Kenji Mutō is the director of this reboot anime, with Kōji Tajima as the concept designer. Unfortunately, that’s all the production staff we know so far. Lastly, Crunchyroll is licensing this reboot anime for its eventual NA release.

As for what Trigun Stampede is about? Also, unfortunately, we still don’t have an official synopsis for this reboot anime. However, we do have one for the original 1998 anime from Crunchyroll. Check it out below:

“Vash the Stampede is a wanted gunslinger with a habit of turning entire towns into rubble. His path of destruction reaches across the wastelands of a desert planet. Oddly enough, for such an infamous outlaw, there’s no proof he’s ever taken a life. In fact, he’s a pacifist who’s more doofus than desperado. There’s definitely a whole lot more to Vash than his reputation lets on.”

You can catch up on the original Trigun anime on Crunchyroll or Funimation. Unfortunately, both anime streaming services have locked the anime behind a shiny new paywall. You’ll have to shell out cash for a premium account to watch this anime now.

Source: Twitter