#1 Billy Was on Eltar

Power Rangers

  • This is a major theory that I am a fan of, even though it really doesn’t have any seeds to be proven on the show. Sometime after Billy went to Aquitar, He was requested by Zordon to come to Eltar and assist him and Alpha 5. Sometime after Zordon and Alpha made their ascension back to Eltar, Zordon felt the presence of Dark Specter’s forces growing in power. He needed a team of Rangers to help defend the planet while still having Earth protected. Billy may have helped and possibly even Lerigot. It’s possible that he was even on Eltar when it was attacked by Dark Specter and his evil forces. This idea comes from a story of mine for Billy. Think of it as like a story like Boom Comics did for Kimberly with MMPR: Pink.

Overall, Billy was a great ranger and overtime exhibited his leadership through his intelligence and “quick to act” methods, saving the team and Earth time and time again. Hopefully with Boom Comics continually to progress Billy’s character, we may get some kind of explanation of Billy’s whereabouts and plans for future adventures.