The Power Ranger’s comic saga continues as we finally get the next part of the story…. Albeit after a somewhat expected backstory issue. The Rangers are still stuck outside the domed Angel Grove trying to find a way in as Mighty Morphin #6 begins!

The team is trying everything they can even working with the U.S. Military to break thru the dome. The Chaos-Powered Putties now have a new trick, they fly! As the Bat-Putties descend on the platoons after opening fire the team does their best to clear everyone out before regrouping back at the Command Center.

Zordon and Billy (while wearing his helmet) talk with the General and we find out that Angel Grove has been under siege for three weeks, with no communication in or out of Angel Grove. The General says that the government is ready to go to the nuclear option. Zordon pretty much tells the General that he will even go up against the government if they try that. After drawing the line in the sand the General gives the team another few hours before they resort to their final option.

Mighty Morphin #6: Battles both Morphed and Unmorphed

This is where things get most poignant. The teens have been bunking out at the command center in the jail cell that held Drakkon on bunk beds. The next few panels are all because Kimberly threw out some bottle caps. All the rangers are scared they haven’t seen or heard from their families. Rocky goes off because someone threw out the bottle caps he’s been saving for his little sister. Everyone is trying to deal with the pressure about them not being able to help their loved ones trapped under Zedd’s dome. Kimberly and Tommy even go out for a jog, but the stoic white ranger is still passive aggressively grilling Kim about knowing that Matt was the Green Ranger. She GOES OFF on him and that one panel stands out from the page!

Our team has run out of options they can’t get in but a low-frequency transmission made it out to them. It’s Grace she has a way to get them in. The team teleports to the location. With Billy staying behind as Tech Support, Zelya goes in his stead. The Group is fighting off hordes of Chaos-Putties. They do their best to hold the line but as they become overwhelmed Zelya powers up and just shows them what a guardian of Eltar can do!

Finally, an opening appears in the dome and what do we find on the other side… You’ll have to pick it up because I can’t spoil everything! But trust me it’s worth it!

What about Zordon’s Backstory in Mighty Morphin #6?!

As you’ve seen in the preview pages, we’ve no become accustomed to the fact that Mighty Morphin is also a backstory for Zordon going back to 10,000 years ago. This time we see Zordon and Zartus on a distant planet fighter followers of Dark Spector. Zordon is still apprehensive about working with the guy he got promoted over. Zartus being the honorable soldier respects the Supreme Guardian’s decision and pledges loyalty to Zordon. As they are traversing the planet’s jungle they come upon a very VERY familiar Castle!

This was a great character-driven issue. Ryan Parrott shows that these teens do face real issues. Jealousy. Heartbreak. Anger. Everything isn’t as cookie cutter and slotted into 22 minutes to sell toys in THIS series. The Backstory of Zordon is also a nice breath of fresh air. We even got some more humor and got to see that he even gets homesick. With the exception of the final page, I wasn’t expecting anything like this after the last few issues. Cheers, again BOOM! Studios!

Covers from THE GRID

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