Today we go head to head and span the Power Rangers universe for the greatest Rangers line-up. Staying with the five main Ranger colors, picking one from any show, movie or comic book, let’s do this. It’s morphin’ time!

Greatest Power Ranger line-up: Green Ranger

First up is Trip Regis the green ranger from”Power Rangers: Time force.” Why? Our reason being he has a gem embedded in is head that allows him to read minds, find locations and see into the future. This ability will come in handy when battling also staying ahead of the Rangers’ next enemy.

Power Ranger

Red Ranger

For my second Ranger, I need a really strong leader. (Although, admittedly, there are stronger Red Rangers in the universe.) I have go with Carter Grayson, the Red Ranger from “Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.” As a firefighter, he always stood out too me as a strategist and a natural born leader that plays on his team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Blue Ranger

Kai Chen from “Power Rangers :Lost Galaxy” would be this team’s Blue Ranger. Being from a military background, Kai can be second in command of step up to first command in battle of need be.

Pink Ranger

As the Pink Ranger of the team, Rose Ortiz is perfect. She is a genius of the Power Rangers universe. Ortiz has knowledge of almost any subject or topic and has the ability to turn invisible. With her stealth and intelligence she will play a big role in battle.

Power Ranger

Greatest Power Ranger Line-Up: Yellow Ranger

For my last choice… drum roll please !…………Elizabeth “Z” Delgado as this team’s Yellow Ranger. She has the ability to duplicate her self. If our squad ever gets out numbered on the battle field, Z has us covered.

That wraps up my all time power rangers line up .Thanks for reading and let us know what your line up would look like in the comment section below.