The BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comics don’t seem to be slowing down. This all-new storyline, Necessary Evil, kicks off in June, and will see the introduction of Tommy as the White Ranger, since his Green Ranger form was killed in the first issue of the Shattered Grid storyline.

This new arc will span over both the MMPR comics and the Go Go Power Rangers comics, with Ryan Parrott writing both comics. For MMPR #41, it’s going to be a continuation from issue #40, and will be introducing fans, both new and old, to a brand-new villain.

Joining writer Ryan Parrott will be Daniele Di Nicuolo, who is doing the art for the book. The main is being created by Goni Montes, while Kris Anka is designing the variant cover for the issue. Issue #41 releases to both local comic books shops, the BOOM! Studios app, and ComiXology in July.

As for the issue’s description and covers you can check that out below.

NECESSARY EVIL, the Power Rangers comic book event of 2019, continues here! You think you know everything about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – but this issue answers one of the biggest questions in franchise history with revelations that will shake the team to their core. The White Ranger may be their new leader…but who is the new enemy of the Power Rangers?

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Main Cover: Goni Montes
Variant Cover: Kris Anka

Source: Power Rangers NOW