Power Rangers Beast Morphers is premiering in just about 2 months, and we now know who is composing the music for the series.

It seems like even though Hasbro now owns the rights to Power Rangers and they are keeping around some of the staples from the Saban era that people have become accustomed to, including Noam Kaniel who had been the composer back in the ’90s for MMPR and was brought back in 2011 when Saban bought the Power Rangers franchise back from Disney.

In addition to Kaniel, Youssef “Joe” Guezoum was recently announced to be coming back on board to score the next 2 seasons after scoring some of the music for Legacy Wars, Power Rangers Hyperforce, and 5 episodes of Ninja Steel.

Guezoum posted the following to his Facebook page:

“I’m so honored to be onboard again to score a new season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers 2019 alongside my buddy Noam Kaniel”



With the series airing in a few short months, it’s not going to be super long until all of us fans get to hear what music both Guezoum and Kaniel bring for the series.