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#3- Talon Kardde

Talon was another great example of a smuggler/scoundrel/information dealer with heart and principle.  He tried to stay out of the politics of the galaxy and stick strictly with the underworld, but a few missteps regarding Luke Skywalker and he found himself on the side of the republic.

During the Vong war he also proved himself something of a tactical genius in several encounters.  Even more than that were his allies and base.  His base on the planet Myrrkr introduced us to the Vornskyrs.  Through his crew we were introduced to Mara Jade.

Given the current state of the galaxy and the New Republic in the sequel trilogy, Talon would be a prime fit to add to the movies and the resurgence of the resistance.  There is also one small thing from legends that would be a very helpful add to the resistance.  In the books, Talon was the only one that knew the location of the Katana Fleet, a fleet of advanced heavy cruisers that took 12% of the crew of a regular heavy cruiser.  The resistance could sure use this in Episode 9.

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#2 – Borsk Fey’lya

He was a slimy, sleazy, two-faced moof milker.  In other words he was a politician.  He jumped on opportunity when it suited him, and usually didn’t care about the consequences as long as it benefited him.  While we hated him book in and book out, he remained a center piece to galactic politics until he took he heroically took his own life against the Vong.

He was  along time pain to both our beloved Princess as well as the Jedi order.  So why do we want him? First off it would finally introduce the Bothan race, not only back to canon, but to the visual medium as a whole.  Despite the number of look-a-likes and possibilities, there has never been a Bothan on the big or little screen.

Secondly, whether he was a good guy or the political enemy, he was a great character to follow in the books.  He was one of those characters you loved to follow because you loved to hate him.

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#1 – Nomi Sunrider

The final character on the list was the epitome of female power before Kennedy and modern feminists felt the need to cry out for feminist power.

Nomi Sunrider was a simple wife and mother to their little child, Vima.  Life was good until the day her husband Andur was murdered by Hutt pirates before he could begin his training as a Jedi.  It was her husband’s ghost that told her to pick up his lightsaber and defend herself and her daughter.

Nomi began her resistant path towards the force.  She traveled to Master Thon and reluctantly began her training.  She wanted little to do with it until the same pirates attacked Ambria, and  Thon surrendered himself to slavery despite being able to fight back.  Nomi had no choice and again used the force to drive the pirates off.

Once a Jedi Knight, Nomi found herself sucked up into the galactic civil war started by Exar Kun.  She would fall in love with Uliq over the course of events, but would be the one responsible for severing Uliq from the force when the time came.

One other great gift of Nomi’s that needs to come into canon was her incredible gift of Jedi battle meditation.  That would be an awesome thing to bring into canon.  She became one of the great, legendary Jedi of old.