Recently returned to in-ring action Daniel Bryan takes knees to the chest and throat/head in Smackdown Live main event.

In a tag match which pitted Bryan and Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas versus AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali.  Ali gets the three count, but a botched 054 by Ali leads to a scary moment.

The 054 is basically a jumping backwards 450 splash or a front flip landing chest first.  However, Ali didn’t clear the rotation and landed with his knee right on Bryan’s neck or possibly jaw.

In the footage Ali can be heard apologizing to Bryan after the botch.  Bryan was taken back to the trainers and evaluated and according to Bryan was telling everyone he was ok as he walked through the curtains.

This was a scary moment for fans because Bryan has just come back from a concussion injury retirement in March.  It looked like Bryan would never return to in-ring action, but here he is wrestling again. If Ali had landed a few inches up on Bryan’s head it may have ended his career for good.

Everyone is treating Bryan with kid gloves and are scared he will get another concussion.  It doesn’t appear that he is injured, but a scary moment nonetheless.



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