Last night on RAW, after every single McMahon apologized for how the flagship show of WWE has been, a “fresh start” was announced.

We already knew about the call up of NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan, but more will follow.  Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery, Lacey Evans, and EC3 will be joining the main roster very soon as well.  While the announcement was made on RAW, they did not note which brand each superstar would be tied to.  A couple of days back I discussed which brand would better suit Lars Sullivan, so let’s do the same with all of the other NXT Superstars:


In all honestly, EC3 has been ready for the big time ever since he resigned.  His Impact Wrestling run was fantastic, and putting him in NXT was most likely just to get him reacclimated to the WWE style of work.  I could see EC3 thriving on either brand, but it depends on which direction they want to go with his character.  Ultimately, I think he ends up joining RAW as a heel.  Fingers crossed for a Drake Maverick reunion.

Nikki Cross

This seems like the easiest call to make, considering that SAnitY is on Smackdown LIVE.  It would be easier for viewers who only watch main roster WWE programming to make the connection that way.  Plus we would be treated to more killer matches with Asuka.  While I don’t think Cross necessarily needs SAnitY to get over, it wouldn’t hurt her either.  Overall, I think she would be a positive addition to the Smackdown LIVE women’s roster.

Heavy Machinery

This is the call up I’m oddly most excited for.  Two huge lads that can move, have an interesting promo, and are just fun to watch.  When it comes to tag teams, it’s hard to look anywhere but Smackdown LIVE.  They seem to treat the Tag Team division with a little more respect.  Plus watching them work with The Usos, The New Day, and The Bar would be amazing.

Lacey Evans

I think this call up is the most surprising.  Mostly because the consensus amongst fans is that she isn’t ready for the main roster.  She has her character work down, and seems to be a hard worker.  While I feel that the Smackdown LIVE women’s roster is stronger, I feel like being on the RAW product would help Evans immensely.  Being around a veterans like Mickie James and Natalya would be extremely helpful in her development as a wrestler. 

Where do you think these new NXT call ups should end up?  Let us know in the comments!