Star Wars created such a large universe over 43 years.  Many did not like Disney restarting canon, but it made things more manageable.  Not only that, but Disney has started drawing characters in from the legends materials and reintroducing them to a new age.  Some Like Thrawn have come back front and center.  Others like Darth Bane have been introduced but have yet to really be touched.  Here is a list of fifteen Non-Canon characters that need to be brought into the new canon.

Two quick omissions however.  Mara Jade has been omitted because she will either show up in Ep9 or there really isn’t a place for her.  Fans want her back, but she just doesn’t fit if she isn’t brought in through Ep9.  Also,  due to THS-Reg. 42-1138A paragraph 7 sub-sec 77-SH1-T, Dash Rendar is NOT allowed on this list.

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#15 – Revan and Co

Darth Revan is perhaps the most sought after character that fans would like to see.  Many believe the groundwork is being laid for his introduction into canon, but we shall have to see.  Revan does not travel alone.  Bringing him back would bring in Bastilla, Carth, Malak, and so many others.  It would be its own universe.

HOWEVER!  There is a reason this lands at #15.  The day we get anything with Revan we will get a “That’s not my Revan.”  No matter how they do the story, they will be unable to match the depth and quality of story the game achieved.  This won’t be right, or that’s not how it is supposed to happen.  No matter what is done to bring him into canon, it will not be good enough.

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#14 – Master Thon

A Jedi master from ancient times, Master Thon was one of the more unique Jedi masters.  Every sentient creature much less Jedi to this point has been a bi-pedal humanoid.  Master Thon was a giant ceratops who lived a life of seclusion generally on Ambria.

He was one of the wisest masters of the age, but was also ruthless.  Where he saw potential, he pushed a student beyond their boundaries to achieve the goal.  Obviously lacking hands he did not carry a lightsaber, but his mastery of the force was second to none.  On Ambria, he pushed the dark side back into pools and held them there.  He began the training of one of the greatest Jedi of the time in Nomi Sunrider and was instrumental in the defeat of Exar Kun.  He was one of the few Masters to survive the great Sith War.

Master Thon would not only be a great addition for the sake of species and story telling, but for what he could naturally bring to a new way of teaching and experiencing the force.

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#13 – Saba Sebatyne

Saba was a Barabel during the time of the New Republic.  Barabels were bipedal reptiles with tails and thick scales that could withstand stun blasts.  Saba was trained outside of Luke’s new Jedi order as Luke did not want to train more aggressive species.  When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the galaxy, Saba joined the Jedi only to become one of the most highly respected of the new Jedi.

Her story was a complex one that deserves to be told in some form.  Saba would witness the death of her Jedi children.  Saba mistook an attacking Vong ship for the ship that destroyed her home planet of Barab I.  It was only when she destroyed the ship, she learned it was a slave ship carrying the last of her people.  She destroyed the last of her kind.

While it can no longer happen, Saba also trained Leia in the ways of the force and turned everyone’s favorite Princess into one hell of a bad ass with a lightsaber.

Saba was an expert swordsman herself, enhanced by her natural Barabel skills and physiology.  It was these same skills she had to overcome.  Barabels were naturally aggressive, so Saba learned to tame these senses and become more aware of life through the force.  A good thing for someone who would eventually become the head of the Jedi order in Luke’s absence.

Saba would not only introduce a new species to the Star Wars canon, but her own personal journey would be a great story to retell.  Its placement and telling would need some adjustment, but it deserves canonization.