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#6 – Sylvar

The introduction of Sylvar would not necessarily introduce a new species to Star Wars but put one front and center that has largely been relegated to the shadows – the Cathar.  One species is canon from Wuher’s bar.  One species was redesigned to work for 2003 graphics for Knights of the Old Republic.  Sylvar’s species was designed in comics and much more feline looking.

Sylvar’s story goes along side our next character, but I’d be happy seeing her in any form.  Her species has a natural power that would be fun to see on the big screen, and her story shows her overcoming most of her species feral impulses, especially when it comes to revenge of a fallen loved one.

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#5 – Uliq Qel-Droma

Uliq is the heart of most of these Old Republic characters, but again his story could be separated out into its own unique story if so chosen.  Uliq was an up and coming Jedi in the days of the Old Republic.  He was a gifted fighter.

Of course with great power comes great arrogance.  When the Sith threat surfaced, Uliq thought he could beat the Sith by himself from the inside.  He failed and eventually became the apprentice of Exar Kun.  It was only when he killed his brother Cay in combat, that Uliq snapped out of his Sith darkness.

There are two things that would make this a great story besides the character himself.  When Uliq was captured by the Jedi, He was stripped of his ability to use the force. This would be a fascinating addition to force canon.

The second thing that tie in so perfectly with everything we have now in active production, Uliq became head of the Mandalorian people and led their armies into the Sith War.  What a perfect fit that would be for The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian.

Another part of the story that would  fascinating is actually post defeat.  While in exile, a young girl felt neglected by her mother and sought out Uliq to train her.  This young girl was Vima Sunrider, the daughter of Nomi Sunrider.  There is a tale here of fallen redemption that was brilliantly done in the comics and i would love to see come to life.

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#4 – Tahiri Veila

Now this is a character that would be captured in name only.  Her story would have to drastically be changed because it was closely tied to Jacen Solo; However, it could be done and it could be a great stand alone story.

Tahiri was captured by the Vong and turned into a hybrid.  She was brought back to the light side, but when her growing love, Anakin Solo (youngest of the Solo children) was killed, her Vong personality took over once more.  She was at war within herself.

She eventually won the battle and became a Jedi once more.  Unfortunately, her mental battle scars led her back to the dark side as an apprentice to Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo).  Caedus promised her a path back to Anakin.  It was Luke’s soon that realized her darkside decisions were made through pain and anguish not evil intent.  Ben Skywalker was able to revert her to the good side.

Tahiri Veila would need a new story, but the reason she should be brought into canon is the terrible struggles she had to go through.  Her journey was a physiological one and could make one hell of an emotional ride.