As we learned in the Soul Of The Dragon graphic novel that was released, Tommy’s son, JJ, is apart of the SPD Ranger team, and is the team’s Green Ranger. And today, Hasbro released their Power Rangers Christmas Card with the new SPD team on it. 

Now there are some differences with this team. Starting with, the blue ranger is Lina Song, who is from the Hyperforce team. Bridge is still the team’s Red Ranger. We know JJ is the Green Ranger. And Syd and Z are still the Pink and Yellow Rangers. 

One noticeable difference with Sky’s suit is that is the design is different. It’s a different variation of red. But, it also has an “X” right in the center of it to represent the number 10. There is also an arrow on the left side of his suit. That represents the Red Time Force Ranger suit that Sky’s dad wore for a brief moment in a picture on the show. 

Bridge’s suit is also different to the regular Red Ranger suit. It is the S.W.A.T suit, but the version is the “Fire Squad” suit. Now, Sentai fans will recognize the suit because it’s from “Dekaranger: 10 Years Later.” And it now looks like the suit is cannon thanks to this new image. 

We also see R.I.C 3.0, the newest version of the lovable canine companion. 

The card was used to promote the new graphic novel, Soul Of The Dragon. And this new graphic novel helps to advance storylines from the comics. It seems like Sky’s new suit won’t be placed in any immediate storylines, but hopefully, he will show up in it eventually. 

Source: Power Rangers NOW