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#9 – Tenel Ka

Tenel Ka is a Hapan Jedi with Dathomiri blood from the New Republic era.  Her story would have to be drastically altered as so much of it was interlaced with Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus, but I think it could be done and to great effect.

Two of Tenel’s traits were the arm she lost during training practice and her lightsaber.  She lost her Arm when her first lightsaber malfunctioned.  She ignored the signs of the problem and it shut down while locked with Jacen’s blade.  Jacen fell through the absent blade and severed her arm.  Tenel refused to take any type of replacement arm.

As for her lightsaber, it had the uniqueness of a handle built from the tooth of her great-grandmother’s rancor.  Her second saber would also use jewels from the Hapes crown, making a turquoise saber.

While this story could be brought in during most any era, it should focus on her injury, her Hapan royal heritage and her struggle with court life vs Jedi life as well as her Dathomiri blood.  Who wouldn’t want to see the Dathomiri stories come back?

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#8 – Vodo-Siosk Baas

Master Baas was a Jedi Master in the Old Republic and master to Exar Kun.  Master Baas was  a krevaaki male (think crustacean family on legs) and one of the great historians of the age.  Legends attaches him to Exar, but that would not need to be the case.  I would love to see him as the holocron keeper that the Jedi find many millennia later.

Either way, the reason he would make a great addition to canon, besides being Master to Exar, is one of his force abilities.  When force users fight it is generally lightsaber to lightsaber, but Master Baas only used a quarterstaff.  That’s right, a stick of wood against lightsabers.  There are so many places such teachings could take students, but to see a master battle a lightsaber wielder with just a stick would be incredible.

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#7 – Booster Terrik

Booster Terrik is a character that could easily be worked in, especially along side Corran Horn as he is Corran’s father in-law.  Booster has quite the history with the Horn Family.  He was pursued by Corran’s father for most of their lives.  The two grew a mutual respect towards each other despite being rivals.  When Booster found out his daughter Mirax was involved with Corran, he became quite upset.

Booster was not quite smuggler material so much as smuggler entertainment.  He ran a casino/entertainment venue that catered to anyone from the very rich to smugglers and galactic riff-raff.  Unlike most establishments, however, Booster’s casino was on a star destroyer.  Not just nay star destroyer but one that was painted red from stem to stern.  I’d give anything to see a red start destroyer floating in the background of Ep9.