OK, not sure what is going or why it’s going on, but the Star Wars: Holiday Special has been trending on Twitter for the last couple days. At first I thought maybe, everyone was watching Disney+ and caught the new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, but looking at the tweets, they are more about the original. I guess it is still 2020 so why not right? From people watching it while wrapping gifts to people watching it for the first time, it seems to be the thing to do this Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite tweets.

Star Wars: Holiday Special Tweets

Twitter user @MegBeeee can’t get the Holiday Special off her mind. Good luck Megan, it has been on a lot of our minds for years and now they are nightmares.


Twitter user @zdarfan wants to make The Holiday Special mandatory to watch on Disney+ before you can watch anything else Star Wars related! Zdarfan, why make the people suffer?

Twitter user @chanelbootluke has a different take on the Holiday by begging for help on Twitter. Sorry Talana you got yourself into this, you go to get yourself out on your own!

Well it seems like @chanelbootluke isn’t the only one asking for help. Twitter user @101_noperopes is very confused and wants someone to send help as well!

Twitter user @em_clark has a strange way looking at Christmas. Emily I just hope your Christmases get better so the Holiday Special doesn’t remind you of Christmas. I will say the food looks great, but probably need a few more glasses of wine to wash down the taste of Wookiees growling for 15 minutes.

Even the Boba Fett Fan Club is surprised. Well at least we can all agree that Boba Fett might have been the best thing about the Holiday Special, well maybe except for the ending credits!

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Well there you go, if you would like to read more Star Wars: The Holiday Special trending Tweets you can click here. So, have you be brave enough to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special? If so, what are your thoughts? Also why do you think it is trending right now? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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Boba Fett Star Wars Holiday Special