Author: Magnum

Future State: Green Lantern #2

Once A Space Marine… In the first of three compelling stories, we see a captured John Stewart backed into a corner. With no power in his ring, John must battle the Khund army with his skills and wits alone. John battles...

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Future State: Justice League #2

Night Has Fallen And The Dark Has Risen With the Justice League trapped on Hell World and the Legion of Doom dead, The Hyperclan, posing as the Justice League, put their long-awaited plan into action. On earth we see members of...

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Future State: Swamp Thing #2

Potential Vs Perfection In the first issue, we met the different aspects of the Green Father. His individual progeny help Swamp Thing find that which he yearns for most: Man. Swamp Thing #2 focuses on the duality of man and...

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