Once A Space Marine…

In the first of three compelling stories, we see a captured John Stewart backed into a corner. With no power in his ring, John must battle the Khund army with his skills and wits alone. John battles the army as a distraction while Ilo and Hood gather the remaining Shaar people into the last working ark. We meet Imskian Beelu Kenz who leads the rescue mission of the Shaar. Leaving her command to her second, Kenz heads down to the planet to ensure their success. With a determination that matches very few, Kenz gives the mission the window of time necessary to load the ark. John Stewart’s plan is ready and as he executes it we see a determined John at the head of an army ready to finish a war.

No Ego On This Planet

Our next tale is the adventure of the Teen Lantern and Mogo on a mission before the loss of the lantern battery. Keli Quintela is getting the background of Mogo when the Green Lantern loses his power. Mogo loses consciousness and is only a celestial body adrift in the void. Teen Lantern Keli learns Mogo is not an uninhabited planet. With the battery in her lantern glove, a scared Keli is able to. Mogo speaks to Keli after tapping into the glove for enough juice to bring the big guy back. Together they continue traveling to their destination hoping it brings them answers about what exactly is going on.

It Can Only Be Attributed to Human Error

The last story told is about the missing Hal Jordan. Using the energy amplifier Cyborg built, Hal is able to use the power of his ring. Recording the current events to his ring Hal flies through space visiting planets that have been helped by the Corps falling into chaos. In a fight with Warworld, Hal escapes only to crash land on Oa, an almost empty planet. Our last image is Jo Mullein confronting Hal for the first time.

All three stories are entertaining and gripping. Jumping forward and backward in time we see the aftermath of this mystery with the Green Lantern battery play out. The story will continue in April 2021 when Green Lantern #1 is released.

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