Potential Vs Perfection

In the first issue, we met the different aspects of the Green Father. His individual progeny help Swamp Thing find that which he yearns for most: Man. Swamp Thing #2 focuses on the duality of man and plant. For what is it that makes a living creature aspire to transcend.

In the S.T.A.R. Fortress we meet the last bit of surviving humanity. Among them is Jason Woodrue, less man than plant. Human rebels and the Green attack and infiltrate the fortress. When confronted by Swamp Thing Woodrue proclaims his disdain for anything green. Woodrue promises to continue trying to destroy the world again and again. Begging Swamp Thing to end him the Green Father has no choice.

Unfortunately, Woodrue’s machine to blanket the world into eternal darkness has begun. With no way to stop it, Swamp Thing tells his lineage that he must sacrifice himself knowing it will destroy them all. In the end, he chooses Man and their infinite potential.

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