Night Has Fallen And The Dark Has Risen

With the Justice League trapped on Hell World and the Legion of Doom dead, The Hyperclan, posing as the Justice League, put their long-awaited plan into action. On earth we see members of the Justice League saving the day and ingratiating themselves with the public. Batman even saves a cat from a tree. Unbeknownst to everyone the Hyperclan has been kidnapping scientists for their ultimate plant. Protex reminds his cohorts that they are after vengeance, not happiness.

On Hell World, the real Justice League tries to survive. They realize that their rule of keeping each other a Mystery has to change. They share personal information and realize only by being closer can they endure. The Green Lantern discovers the Hyperclan’s detailed blueprint. The Flash gets them home in time to stop the enslavement of its citizens.

When A Good Demon Goes To War

In Propheties part 2 the JLD’s only way of survival is with the sacrifice of a doctor and the help of a demon. Merlin is the supreme sorcerer on earth and is hunting down any magic Wielder that can oppose him. Hiding to keep his Helm away from Merlin, Dr. Fate now sets his plan in action. Etrigan comes to terms with the truth of Jason Blood and uses his hell magic to rescue Dr. Fate as he fights the Enchantress.

Merlin arrives for the helm and to destroy the magicians. Dr. Fate makes a deal with Merlin to spare our heroes. Dr. Fate informs Etrigan, whose heart is wounded, that he has seen all the possible futures and there is only one where they win. In order for that to happen Fate must surrender himself to Merlin’s services.

An Excellent End To A New Beginning

The first half of this book has set up the future of the new Justice League. At the end of their story, we see new potential members. We won’t know who will join or how until their story continues in March 2021.

As for the second half of the book. We have a sorcerer that must give up his magical artifact to save the world as he saw in the one out of infinite visions he had. Does this seem familiar to anyone else? The emotional arc of Ertigan wanes by this story we’ve seen before on the big screen.

All in all, I’m excited to continue with the new JL and see what adventures await.

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