Family Lives On

Who is ever ready to face the four riders of the apocalypse? You need all the help you can get. This is the beginning of Teen Titans #2. Dick Grayson released the mysterious Red X to join the fight. Confronted by the rest of the Titans, Dick explains it’s in their best interest to go with it. We see several flashbacks in this issue. The first is in a grave with the Titans standing in front of markers showing who has perished. The second involves the H Dial and the consequences of using it.

Future State

Raven teleports them to the site where Shazam is waiting. So are the four Titans taken over by War, Pestilence, Death, and Famine? We last saw Wally face off with Team Flash only to have each member fall one by one. Another flashback shows us the first encounter with these enemies. Raven saves Nightwing from Famine then and again in this battle.

But Red Arrow isn’t so lucky. After shooting Famine a few times Emiko is rushed upon and emaciated by the speedster. Trying to give Raven more time to tether all four to herself the Titans continue to fight. Without warning, War puts Red X and Nightwing under his control. Starfire follows and attacks Raven. The spell is broken and the fight continues.

Future State

Raven is ready and Red X knows how to finish it. He brought the riders and he will end them. Rushing the tethered creatures he uses the H Dial as modified. To everyone’s surprise, the spirits of the dead Titans rush out to finish the fight. Raven is able to contain the riders in her. Shazam carries her to the Rock of Eternity where nothing can escape as long as he stands watch.

Take A Step Back To Move Forward

We see how and who will stand watch in Future State: Shazam #1. Find out what happens that leads to this future and who the mysterious Red X is. The story continues by going back in time in Teen Titans Academy in March 2021.

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