Great news for all us Pikmin fans: Nintendo is not only hard at work developing Pikmin 4, they’ve also definitely not forgotten the previous games either. Remember those days of helping Captain Olimar collect parts for his ship to escape Earth, sorry, PNF-404? Or even those days trying to prevent Hocotate Freight from falling into bankruptcy? Well, it seems Nintendo is determined to let us re-experience those days on the Nintendo Switch. What else do you call it when Nintendo decides to release remakes of those first pair of games? Don’t believe me? Then why not check out Nintendo’s trailer for those remakes, and straight from Nintendo Direct 2023 to boot?

Pikmin 1+2: Details

Ah, I miss those White Pikmin. They’ve always had that creepy-cute look to them.

Nintendo is proud to announce Pikmin 1+2 with that new trailer above on YouTube. This trailer manages to hit all the right nostalgia buttons for longtime fans of this real-time strategy and puzzle video game series, including myself. Both the sight of familiar locations, those original sounds of Olimar tossing those Pikpik carrot-shaped little plant aliens around, and the music brings me back to my childhood days of playing these games on the Nintendo GameCube. All in HD Nintendo Switch graphics to boot. Yes, you can still tell that they’re Nintendo GameCube games, but at least the lines are crisper and neater.

Best of all, sharp-eyed readers might notice that trailer above is a launch trailer. Yeah, apparently, Nintendo had been working on this remake more or less in secret just to surprise us. In fact, you can get Pikmin 1+2 right now on the Nintendo eShop as a bundle for $49.99. Keep in mind though that this bundle is digital download only at the moment. So if you want hard copies of both remakes, then you’ll need to wait until September 22, 2023.