Well, it seems despite all the controversy around Bayonetta 3, there will indeed be a Bayonetta 4 at some point in the future for the Nintendo Switch. How do I know this? Well, it’s all coming straight out of the mouth of Hideki Kamiya: one of the founders of PlatinumGames and main writer for the game‘s story. Seriously, how much more reliable of a source can you get than that?

Bayonetta 4 In The Works?!

"Bayonetta 3" cover art.
I guess sales figures alone outdoes criticism of its story.

Hideki Kamiya recently made an interesting post on Twitter. In said Tweet, he mentions that he thought a lot of people misinterpreted the ending of Bayonetta 3. He also mentions that he thought a lot of people would think that statement was an afterthought after the release of Bayonetta 4, so this Tweet is apparently for posterity. Basically: “No, I did have the plot for the 4th game in mind when making the 3rd game, so stop trying to say I made it up on the spot, yeah?”.

Well, at least he’s covering all his bases.

This one Tweet from Hideki Kamiya gives us hope for 2 things. The first is that obviously, there will be a Bayonetta 4. Kamiya wouldn’t be talking about the 4th game like this if he and PlatinumGames aren’t already in the initial stages of making it. The second is that maybe, just maybe, the story of the 4th game will fix everything that was wrong with the story of Bayonetta 3. Not just the ending, but the story all the way from the beginning to boot. Because hey, Bayonetta is all about time manipulation, right? Maybe she can use those powers to retcon her own story? It’s just a thought.

Bayonetta 3: Details

If only this trailer could be as good as the game…and if only this trailer didn’t make you open YouTube in a new tab to watch it.

Want a look into Bayonetta 3 in preparation for Bayonetta 4? Well, Nintendo has an official synopsis for the game on the Nintendo eShop. You can check it out below:

The witch is back and more powerful than ever

Strut through multiple locations in an all-new, over-the-top climax action game! Bayonetta must face a mysterious man-made evil using her signature guns, time-slowing Witch Time ability, and demonic darlings. Shoot, stomp, and slam your way through multiple locations, meeting other wicked witches along the way.

You can purchase Bayonetta 3 either in either the physical or digital versions in the Nintendo eShop. The retail price for the base versions either way is $59.99, so you might as well get the physical version. Just so you own it forever so long as you own a Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter