It was the turn of the millennia. One show kept nerds informed about what was at the cutting edge of technology and pop culture; Attack of the Show! Now its legacy receives its overdue laurels in the nostalgic documentary experience, Attack of the Doc! The film follows the humble beginnings, meteoric rise, and untimely end of G4’s influential series that forever left its mark on nerd culture. 

“A love letter to the show and it’s is evident in every frame.”

Attack of the Doc!

Attack of the Doc was written and directed by Chris Gore. He went on to found Film Threat, and was the guest host of the show’s segment “DVD-duesday”; in which he would speedily give his DVD recommendations for the week. Chris and his team intended for this movie to be a love letter to the show that is evident in every frame. The brilliance of the visual style of this documentary cannot be understated. It is both cohesive and engaging while still channeling the aesthetic of the titular show. 

The musical mastery of Zach Selwyn is on full display. He was a veteran correspondent and comedian on the show. Who also returns as the minstrel master of this historic tale. His hilarious and original songs serve as the perfect chapter breaks as he sets the stage for every new subject as only he can. While also being a bit of an earworm in the very best way. We are essentially along for the roller coaster ride through the years accompanied by the voices of those boots on the ground who witnessed all our favorite moments.

“It will Mc Hammer your heart to pieces.”

What little criticism can be levied is the notable absence of the two hosts from the production. It would have been awesome to see Kevin Pereira’s and Olivia Munn’s insights. Barring that, the documentary is everything you could have ever asked for as a fan of Attack of the Show!

This documentary was made with gamers and proud nerds in mind and for their viewing pleasure. Especially those who lived in the 2000s. Attack of the Doc! serves as the video yearbook you didn’t realize you needed. It will Mc Hammer your heart to pieces with its bittersweet ending. Which can only be described as a giant pudding pie to the knees, filled with old memories of simpler, better times.

“G4’s influential series that left it’s mark on nerd culture forever.”

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