Riverdale previously announced the show would mix up the upcoming season with a five year time jump. Now we’ve learned exclusively that this results in a few key relationship shakeups. Namely, Veronica will be married after the time jump – and no, not to Archie.

Veronica’s husband is none other than Chad Gekko. If you’ve only seen Riverdale, you probably just said, who? But to Katy Keene viewers the name may ring a bell, as he appeared in two episodes of the Riverdale spinoff.

In Katy Keene, Chad Gekko is a client of Pepper’s and an investor in the Pepper Plant. On the show Chad was played by Reid Prebenda. However, Riverdale has issued a casting call for Chad, so it doesn’t look like Prebenda will reprise his role.

Reid Prebenda as Chad Gekko in Katy Keene

Here’s the casting description:

[CHAD GEKKO] Male, 20s. White. Chad is Veronica’s controlling and neurotic husband who works on Wall Street. Though charming, his failed Ponzi scheme and shady deals with Hiram reveal his moral duplicity, putting Chad’s life in danger. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

There’s definitely similarities between Keene’s Gekko and the casting call for Riverdale. At this point, it’s unclear if some of Chad’s other unsavory character traits from Katy Keene will crop up in Riverdale. (Namely, his coke addiction and prison stint.)

Another Riverdale romance shakeup

Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty in Riverdale

Veronica isn’t the only one with a new love life.

After the time jump, Jughead will have a new girlfriend. (Sorry, Bughead shippers!) Riverdale is now casting the role of Jessica, Jughead’s live-in girlfriend. Check out the casting description for more details below:

[JESSICA] Female, 20s, Open ethnicity.  A train-wreck-y hipster, Jessica is Jughead’s live-in girlfriend. Jessica makes no secret of the fact that she’s done with their relationship, since she can see that she’s not as important to him as the book he’s not writing. RECURRING GUEST STAR.   

What about Archie?

No word yet on any new beaus for Archie or Betty. Does that mean they’re actually together? For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What we do know about Archie is season five finds him following his military ambitions. Plus, an old Army buddy of Archie’s will return with him to Riverdale. Read the casting details below and check out our video for more information.

[ERIC JACKSON] Male, 20s. Open ethnicity. A veteran who lost his leg and suffered third degree burns while fighting in the Army with Archie. Ironically, Eric joins Archie to help run the fire department in Riverdale. But Eric is still dealing with his own trauma, which leads him into a darker place. ACTORS WHO ARE LEG AMPUTEES ARE ENCOURAGED TO SUBMIT…  RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[BUS DRIVER] Male, 40s, any ethnicity. Drives the bus Archie takes out to the Army. Takes his job seriously but still pulls over when Archie’s friends want to give a final goodbye…

[OFFICER BRADSHAW] Male, 30s, any ethnicity. Works the Army recruitment table at Riverdale High. Happily gives Archie information about the Army but stresses the seriousness of the commitment…

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