Blumhouse is on a roll with their low budget horror thrillers. Up next for the studio is The Hunt, which was announced earlier this year.

Production on feature to kick off early 2019, Details have on the film have been kept under-wraps. However, we have learned that Betty Gilpin (Glow) has been offered the lead role.

The film is described as The Most Dangerous Game meets Battle Royale. As a group of rednecks are being hunted for sport, by rich elitist.

Gilpin would play the role of Crystal. Who is described as veteran, who is trying to keep her life together with her part-time job and after the death of her parents. She mysteriously is a part of the hunted. All she cares about is her will to survive

We can also share that the studio has interest in Anne Hathaway (Ocean’s Eight) for the role of Athena Malone who is loosely described as “the most dangerous woman in the world.”

The creatives behind HBO’s hauntingly powerful series The Leftovers are devoloping the feature. Which will be written by Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse, and directed by Craig Zobel (Compliance) and produced through Blumhouse.

The Hunt will hit theaters on September 27, 2019.

Stay with THS as we will update you with any new additional details on the project.