Now that production on Star Wars Episode 9 has concluded, prepare yourself for the never ending amount of rumors to come out for the next eleven months. This week an interesting rumor came from a redditor in a Star Wars forum page that a few sites have picked up that might get fans excited. It’s being said that this redditor posted images of what looked to have been production swag that J.J. Abrams and Kathy Kennedy gave to the crew at the end of production on Episode IX. The image was immediately taken down since one of the images had the actual title on of IX on the swag.

Well before the image was taken down someone put it on Instagram as you can see below. Included with the swag was a note from JJ thanking the crew, here’s what the note said:

“Dear cast and crew of Episode IX: There are no words to properly express our gratitude and amazement — your work has been next-level spectacular, and you’ve done it all with kindness and respect. There are no words. But there are jackets! XO JJ, Kathy, Michelle + Callum.”

Now here’s where the Han rumor comes in. The original redditor who posted the image is saying that his wife worked on the set and that’s how she got her hands on the swag, and he took down the post so she wouldn’t get in trouble since everyone that worked on the film had to sign NDA’s. He went on to state that his wife works at Pinewood studios and the jacket she received did indeed include the title for Episode IX, but he did not want to disclose it and the redditor then went on to say that “HAN IS BACK!”

Now bringing back Han Solo isn’t so far fetched. It was said that Harrison Ford shot footage that Abrams never used in the Force Awakens. And since it’s being said that Abrams is “fixing” the trilogy, we could get a flashback of some sort. Maybe we’ll see footage of Han and Kylo before he sends Ben to Luke for Jedi training. Maybe Kylo has dreams of Han, the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe Ford secretly shot footage at bad robot studios over the summer and it will correct Kylo killing him. This I do know, we have 11 months to theorize and imagine what another Star Wars film with Han Solo would like that.