A short while ago, we learned that the director of The Umbrella Academy is also going to be developing the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn series for Netflix. Now let’s take a closer look at that.

Steve Blackman: The Man For the Horizon Job?

"Horizon Zero Dawn #2" cover B art by Guerilla Games.
Well, at least this director knows who we’re all looking forward to seeing in this series.

During an interview for Netflix Tudum about the upcoming 4th and final season of The Umbrella Academy, director Steve Blackman revealed that he is currently developing the equally upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn live-action series for Netflix. Netflix themselves asked Blackman about what he’s doing for the series. And most importantly: will Aloy be the main character of it? Blackman gives his answer below:

Horizon Zero Dawn is an exceptionally well-crafted game with wonderful characters not often seen in the rank-and-file of the gaming world. Guerrilla Games has created an incredibly lush and vivid world of man and machine who find themselves on a collision course to oblivion. Their salvation comes in the form of a young female warrior named Aloy, who has no idea she’s the key to saving the world. Suffice it to say, yes, Aloy will be a main character in our story. My writing partner on this, Michelle Lovretta, and I are thrilled to be able to expand this remarkable IP into a series for all types of viewers.”

Unfortunately, this interview still doesn’t give a release window for this Horizon Zero Dawn series. At the very least though, Blackman’s words do confirm that it will come. Just sometime later. Tune back into THS later to find that out when we do.

Horizon Zero Dawn Series: Opinion and Speculation

Let’s hope this live-action series lives up to the games. Fortunately, this is a good start.

The news that Aloy will be the main character of this Horizon Zero Dawn series is both welcoming and intriguing. The welcoming aspect comes from, well, the fact that Aloy is the main character. After all, she has been the main character for both the first game and Horizon Forbidden West. Any live-action adaptation would feel just a bit…empty without her in the lead. It’s good to see that Steven Blackman has his priorities straight here.

The intriguing aspect comes when we combine this news with the rumors we heard previously. Previous rumors about this Horizon Zero Dawn series claimed that the old world, before the rise of the machines, will play an important role in this live-action series. This may not seem like the case with Aloy as the main character, but do you all remember the data points you collect throughout the games? You know, the ones that tell stories from the viewpoints of the old ones? It’s entirely possible that for this live-action series, the audience will experience these data points in the form of flashbacks whenever Aloy finds one. It would certainly be a much more immersive experience than just hearing audio data, or even watching a hologram. It could also serve to further develop the old world better than even the games could.

Granted, this is just speculation for now. Take it with as many grains of salt as you like until we finally see the actual Horizon Zero Dawn series.

Source: Netflix Tudum