Horizon Zero Dawn fans, rejoice! For we can finally preorder the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, right now! And by extension, know exactly when it’s coming out. Sony are even announcing this preorder with a new YouTube trailer for it.

At long last! We get to finally throw money at Sony for this game!

Sony officially announces on their PlayStation.Blog that Horizon Forbidden West is now available for preorder. This long-awaited sequel to the original Horizon Zero Dawn will be available in several preorder options. You can find details on all of these preorder bundles, as well as purchase them yourself if you wish, directly from the game’s page on the PlayStation Store.

As part of this preorder announcement, Sony also revealed the release date for Horizon Forbidden West. Apparently, we’ll finally get to experience Aloy’s new adventure in the Forbidden West on February 18, 2022. The PlayStation Store actually lists the actual release date as February 17, 2022; specifically at 9:00 PM (PST). Given this late release time though, for most people, it’s going to be February 18. Unless you’re a diehard fan who waits at their PS4 or PS5 fanatically until that release time. Then by all mean, go ahead.

Horizon Forbidden West: Preorder Details

Horizon Forbidden West key art.
You bred robo-raptors?

As I mentioned above, the Horizon Forbidden West preorders have several options you can choose from. The cheapest option for those wallet-watchers are the standard editions. These just have the base game, and nothing else. These come in both PS4 and PS5 variants. The former is $59.99, and the latter is a bit more expensive at $69.99.

Horizon Forbidden West Digital Deluxe Edition.
We must have all the bonuses!

And now we get to the first of the special edition preorders for Horizon Forbidden West. The Digital Deluxe Edition costs $79.99, and contains the base game for both PS4 and PS5. You get not only a pair of special weapons, a pair special armor, in-game resources, and a special attack; but you also get an exclusive pose and face paint for Photo Mode, a digital art book, digital soundtrack, and a digital copy of the first Horizon Zero Dawn graphic novel The Sunhawk.

Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition.
Now with actual real life stuff!

The Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition is when we finally start getting real world stuff instead of just digital stuff. This edition gets a physical disc that comes in a durable SteelBook case. You also get a voucher for the digital soundtrack, as well as a physical mini-art book. You can preorder the PS4 version of the Special Edition for $69.99 here, or you can get the PS5 version for $79.99 here. Note that this is only in limited quantities, so get it while it’s still there.

Horizon Forbidden West Collector's Edition.
I too would like a plastic model of a robo-elephant.

The Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition contains everything that was in the Digital Deluxe and Special Editions. It also adds custom sculpted statues of Aloy and a Tremortusk in the mix. They do need some assembly, but details will come with the box. You can preorder it for a whopping $199.99 here. Note that this is also in limited quantities. You might want to get it while the elephant is still in the room.

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition.
The robo-elephant just keeps getting bigger.

The Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition contains everything that was in the Collector’s Edition, except for the Tremortusk statue. It swaps out the normal one for a special Regalla version. You also get a pair of art cards, a canvas map of the game world, replica Focus with custom stand, and a pair of replica Machine Strike Pieces. You can preorder this edition for an even pricier $259.99 here. It goes without saying at this point, this is also in limited quantities. You might want to get it while the elephant is still there in that room.


You can now finally preorder Horizon Forbidden West, the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, right now. You can choose from the bare minimum editions, all the way to the fancy editions that come with real world things like statues and replicas of in-game stuff like Machine parts. No matter which you choose, it all comes on February 18, 2022; when the video game finally releases. Be ready for the journey west then.

Source: PlayStation.Blog