Horizon Forbidden West finally comes out in just over a month. However, Guerilla Games and Sony aren’t done with the trailer for it yet. Not by a long shot. Especially with this new trailer showing off all the new tribes, we’ll get to meet in the Forbidden West. Check it out below:

New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer!

2 of them are old tribes, but that’s okay. It’s good to see a familiar Oseram and Carja presence in this strange new world.

This new “Tribes of the Forbidden West” trailer on YouTube, as well as a PlayStation Blog, details the tribes we’ll get to meet in Horizon Forbidden West. It won’t be long either. The game is finally coming out on February 18, 2022; after a lengthy delay thanks to COVID-19. Hopefully, though, that delay has given the time Guerilla Games needs to perfect it, and thus fully flesh out these new tribes of the Forbidden West.

Tribes of the Forbidden West: Old New Faces?

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot featuring Tenakth hunters with a Bellowback kill.
And with a nice Bellowback kill to their name to boot.

We get to see familiar faces in the form of the Oseram and Carja settlements on the edge of the Forbidden West. But to add to the list of existing tribes, we now get to meet the Utaru and the Tenakth in Horizon Forbidden West. Although technically, this won’t be our first meeting with the Utaru.

Utaru lands in "Horizon Forbidden West".
Although there probably weren’t this many red plants the last time.

Back in Horizon Zero Dawn, we actually met a member of the Utaru in the form of Rea via a side quest where you help her grieve for her lost female lover. Rea also gave us a glimpse into the life of the Utaru and their society, culture, and clothing. This new game is going to be our first time actually going into an Utaru civilization though, so prepare for that.

Rea from "Horizon Zero Dawn".
The lovely Rea herself.

Even the Tenakth (actually an alliance of 3 clans) aren’t actually quite a new face. We also saw a single Tenakth appear as an enemy boss in Horizon Zero Dawn in the form of the bandit Ullia.

Ullia from "Horizon Zero Dawn".
Maybe we’ll ever get to meet Tenakth who don’t want to kill Aloy.

Again, we get a glimpse into their warrior culture, but not much more than that. Meeting them in Horizon Forbidden West should be an…interesting experience.

Tenakth lands in "Horizon Forbidden West".
Any tribe that makes me feel sorry for Stalkers is a tribe to fear.

Aside from the Utaru and the Tenakth, there’s also the rogue Tenakth under the leadership of a mysterious new female villain Regalla equipped with their own overridden machines. We don’t know what they’re like yet, but they seem like new antagonists to fight. There’s apparently even going to be an even more powerful new tribe searching the shores of the Forbidden West. We have even fewer details there for you readers. I guess we’re just going to have to find out who this mysterious new and powerful faction is when we finally get to play Horizon Forbidden West.

Source: PlayStation YouTube, PlayStation Blog