Any fans of the virtual reality PlayStation VR console satisfied with it? Well, Sony seems to be satisfied with it. How else do you explain them making the next generation of it? And a new Horizon video game for it to boot?

PlayStation VR2: The Long-Awaited Sequels

PlayStation VR2 logo.
No actual product image yet. You’re just going to have to be content with the logo for now.

Sony has just announced on their PlayStation Blog their brand new PlayStation VR2, and of course, the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller for the headset. This is basically the sequel to the original PlayStation VR Sony launched back in October 2016 to quite a bit of positive reception. Apparently, this new virtual reality console will feature a number of upgrades over the original. These upgrades include:

  • Larger field of vision, greater resolution, and smoother frame rate.
  • Integrated cameras in the PlayStation VR2 headset that tracks your head movements without need of an external camera.
  • Haptic and audio feedback in the headset to provide greater immersion, like “a character’s elevated pulse during tense moments, the rush of objects passing close to the character’s head, or the thrust of a vehicle as the character speeds forward”.
  • Eye tracking to add a new depth of movement by simply looking in a specific direction.

The blog also mentions that the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers will also have these haptic and audio feedback system too. This is apparently supposed to provide even more immersion into the game. Unfortunately, due to how new this virtual reality console is, the blog doesn’t mention a release date. You’ll have to check back later to find out more when we finally get that info.

Horizon Call of the Mountain: Reveal

The actual teaser starts at 1:15.

That’s not all though. To sweeten the deal for the PlayStation VR2, Sony also announced Horizon Call of the Mountain. Yes, you heard that right. This is a new Horizon game by Guerilla Games and Firesprite specifically for this new virtual reality console. Details about this game are sparse due to how new it is. Another PlayStation Blog mentions that this story will feature a new and still-unnamed character that they promise to reveal more of later. However, we will get to see Aloy and “other familiar faces” in the game, so that’s a good start. There’s also going to be some new faces, like that unnamed Carja military officer in the teaser, just to keep things fresh.

Unfortunately, there’s no further details for Horizon Call of the Mountain. Not even a release date. Just like with the PlayStation VR2 release date, you’re going to have to come back later for more details as they surface.

Source: PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Blog