Back in February, it was announced that Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts was set to lead a new Star Wars series for Disney+. Since then, there have not been any details as to the timeframe or premise of the series. Today, thanks to the latest issue of Vanity Fair and their exclusive look at the plans for Star Wars on Disney+ we now have a few pieces of information.


The Vanity Fair article was able to provide a few bits of information regarding the new project. The new series is currently working on the codename, Grammar Rodeo. The series is now confirmed to take place after The Return of The Jedi during the period of reconstruction following the fall of the Empire.

The show takes place during the post–Return of the Jedi reconstruction that follows the fall of the Empire, the same as The Mandalorian, but its plot remains a secret. It’s created and executive-produced by director Jon Watts and writer Chris Ford, who made Spider-Man: Homecoming for Marvel. A casting notice has called for four children, around 11 to 12 years old. Inside Lucasfilm, the show is being described as a galactic version of classic Amblin coming-of-age adventure films of the ’80s.

Vanity Fair

As stated in the article, no other details have been unveiled on the plot of the series. However, given the ages of the casting notice, there is a possibility this Star Wars series might be targeting a younger audience.


It’s good to see that the relationship between the director and Disney appears to be good on good terms. Last month, Watts exited the long-awaited Fantastic Four reboot film. At the time indicating his desire to move away from another superhero film. Both Watts and Marvel Studio Present, Kevin Feige, who himself is working on a Star Wars project, said the exit was amicable. Given the success of the Spider-Man films by Watts, Disney has to be hopeful for similar success as the director takes his talents to a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Jon Watts
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