Just when we all thought Baby Yoda (The Child) couldn’t get any bigger the team at Anime Pasadena just had to prove us all wrong. Anime Pasadena will have a twenty-five-foot-tall Baby Yoda that you can take pictures with. If you are a fan of The Mandalorian series on Disney+ and want to see the biggest Baby Yoda in the world, then head to the Anime Pasadena convention that runs April 18th through the 19th.

Big Baby Yoda Anime Pasadena

Anime Pasadena

If you are an anime fan then Anime Pasadena is defiantly worth checking out. From cosplaying and vendors to exhibits and special guests Anime Pasadena will keep you busy all weekend. And speaking of special guests the lineup this year is one that anime fans will love. Monica Rial (Dragon Ball Z), Tsuyu Asui (my Hero Academia) and Veronica Taylor (Pokemon) are just a few of the names that will make an appearance at the convention.

Where to get tickets

Tickets are available now by going to eventbrite.com/animepasadena. To stay updated with announcements and events at convention make sure you like and follow the Anime Pasadena Facebook page.

We want to hear from you

First, I would like to thank NERDBOT on the update for the giant Baby Yoda. If you are in the Pasadena area the Anime Pasadena convention looks like a good time. Well, unless you are an Imperial Scout Trooper then you might want to stay away, I don’t think the fans have forgot about the punch yet.

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