Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl came and went on the Switch late last year. The remakes of the classic Nintendo DS games were a visual and gameplay upgrade on the old formula. However, some fans noticed that some of the many legendary Pokemon in the game were missing. Now, it appears that Arceus and Darkrai are making their way to the game.

This news comes with a catch on both Pokemon though. To get Arceus, you’ll need to have version 1.3.0 of Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, beat the Elite Four, and completed the National Dex. In addition, you’ll need a save file from Pokemon Legends Arceus on your Switch console. Once you have all those met, starting on March 16th, 2022, players will get the Azure Flute item in-game, and they can go to Spear Pillar and catch Arceus.

Darkrai won’t be going live until April. They’ll be available from April 1st to the 30th. Players will need the same qualifications met as Arceus to get Darkrai, but you’ll also need to enter the Hall of Fame in either game. Darkrai is available through the mystery gift event that’s running in April.

Arceus will be available at any time starting tomorrow, but Darkrai is only available in April. So if you’ve been waiting to play Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, now is a perfect time.

The Difference Between Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl And The Original Games

In the original DS games, both Pokemon were only available through events, that were short-lived. Now it’s impossible to get either Pokemon through conventional means. You’ll need a Gameshark/Action Replay device or a hacked console. On the original DS, it was possible to get either by programming a “walk through anything” cheat in the game, and walking to Arceus or walking through the locked door in Canalave City.

Both legendary Pokemon are in the files for Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and available through hacked devices, but this is the first time trainers can get either legitimately.

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