I’m going to be completely honest. When I saw the trailer for Knights of the Zodiac I didn’t have high hopes. However, I’m a fan of both anime and mythology so I was still intrigued. Let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Knights of the Zodiac follows Seiya (Mackenyu), a young orphan boy who makes his living fighting in an underground ring. However, he happens to be the reincarnation of one of the protectors of the Goddess Athena. Athena has also been reincarnated inside the body of a young girl (Madison Iseman). 

So, Seiya is on his hero’s journey to fight his inner demons and fully become the Pegagus Knight. However, is he truly meant to protect her or destroy her? 

Knights of the Zodiac IS ENTERTAINING

Knights of the Zodiac has a ton of world-building to do in a short amount of time and I think they do pretty well. Overall, I understand who everyone is, their backstories, and their motivations. I’m sure there are a handful of characters and story arcs that hit the cutting room floor in order to give us this story, but I didn’t really feel much was missing. I’m hoping if Sony continues this franchise we can dig deeper into backstories and characters. But, for now, I’m content there. 

I love the fight sequences and I think that the stylized choices are great. I enjoy seeing fighting done like a brutal, but beautiful dance. They also chose to use slow-mo, strings, and quick cuts reminiscent of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which I also enjoy. It helps keep the pace of the action, and I as a viewer on my toes and paying attention.

Seiya goes through your typical hero’s journey. So, there’s nothing surprising there, but I do love a training sequence and this movie doe not disappoint.


Knights of the Zodiac has a stellar cast! Mackenyu does a lot of his own stunts which helps when it comes to camera work, choreography, and believability. While the entire story is whimsical, we’re able to come back to the group through his fantastic performance throughout. 

Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) and Famke Jensen (X-Men) are great at what could easily be throw-away or phoned-in roles. Jensen is always an incredible villain and she continues that trend here. 

Mackenyu and Madison Iseman (I Know What You Did Last Summer) have fantastic chemistry. Which I’m sure is important because it seems like they’re creating a love story there. I’ve been a fan of Nick Stahl’s since Disturbing Behavior and I love seeing him play a character like Cassios. He’s dark, gritty, and a fantastic villain. 

Mark Dacascos (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is always fantastic when he’s allowed to play outside of the Iron Chef Arena. However, his character and Diego Tinoco (On My Block) are the two characters I wish were fleshed out more. At this point, they are both sidekicks, lackeys who are just around and have fun moments. But I don’t really understand who they are and why they’re around. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about them if we get more films.


While I was wildly entertained by Knights of the Zodiac I didn’t love a lot of the costuming. When it came to the Knights costumes they were so huge they swallowed the actors. I actually preferred Seiya’s level 1 outfit before he fully leveled up. Then, there’s Athena’s wardrobe. Who did this to her? I understand they wanted to do a modernized version of a Goddess, but instead of looking ethereal, she looked like Hannah Montana. That said, Guraad’s henchmen were badass looking. 

Knights of the Zodiac hits theaters Friday, May 13th! Go check it out.