While series based on horror films aren’t uncommon they’re not always successful. So, when I heard Amazon Prime would be doing an I Know What You Did Last Summer series I didn’t know what to expect. How do you turn a movie/book about drunk teenagers who hit someone with their car and dump them into the ocean to keep anyone finding out. Then become stalked and eventually killed by said person with a hook into a show? Well, somehow they figured it out. I have the privilege to watch the first 4 episodes and let me tell you, the series is fantastic!

A warning to the viewer. I Know What You Did Last Summer the series is NOT a PG-13 show. The show is on the level of Euphoria when it comes to sex, drugs, nudity, and language. It’ll definitely make you clutch your pearls from time to time.

The Premise Of I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer the series tells the story of identical twin sisters wild child Lennon and sweet girl Ally, and their group of friends: Influencer Margot, awkward Dylan, drug dealer Riley, and Johnny the hot, gay friend. After graduation, the group heads to a mansion for a High School graduation party and after many drinks and lots of drugs, the sisters have a huge falling out. Eventually, they all pile into Lennon’s jeep and drive along the coastal highway and hit something…or someone – Ally (or at least that’s who they assume it to be).

After getting home, Ally confesses to her father what happened and he decides that he’s already lost one daughter tonight and doesn’t want to lose Ally too. So, they decide Ally will live her life as Lennon from now on. Which is CRAZY cause obviously she was sober, and it was an accident. Who walks on the highway in pitch-black darkness?! The most Ally would get is community service, but then we wouldn’t have the rest of this fabulous show.

Mysteries Incoming

After coming home from their first year of college, Ally is met with a severed goat head in her closet with a note. While the rest of the group (and others) are being brutally murdered one, by one, by one. Who is it?! Will the series go the route of the film and it’s actually Lennon who never died? Is there a weird murder cult in this small Hawaiian town? Only time will tell. I Know What You Did Last Summer the series is full of mystery, intrigue, and so many secrets and we’re only 4 episodes deep! If you’re looking for a fantastic who-dun-it mystery series, you’re definitely going to want this out.

I Know What You Did Last Summer drops four episodes Thursday, Oct 14th, and one episode a week for the next four weeks after that just to keep us all in suspense.

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