Netflix is known to be the savior of the canceled show from time to time – I see you Lucifer. It’s no different with the Lifetime Original series, You. After the series streamed on Netflix, viewers couldn’t get enough of lovable, stalker Joe (Penn Badgley). So, the streaming service picked YOU up for more seasons.  After seasons 2’s surprising twist ending with Love confessing to Joe that she believes they’re soulmates and pregnant with his child – all while he was in the process of killing her. Joe and Love have moved to the suburbs into their home, sweet home with baby Henry. Now what?

When this season started I had so many questions – will Joe continue his stalker ways and become obsessed with his neighbor as the season 2 finale hinted? Are Joe and Love truly soulmates and become a serial killing duo? Will Joe hang his stalker hat for family and become a vigilante like Dexter Morgan? All these questions and more were answered over the course of the fantastic 10 episodes.

Joe And Love Sitting In Couples Therapy, T-A-L-K-I-N-G

Season 3 of YOU definitely starts a little slow and could have easily become the Love and Joe show. The two of them go to couples therapy, Joe changes his mind about wanting to leave her and run away with Henry, and he’s constantly having to clean up her murder messes, but thankfully it didn’t do that. We dive into flashbacks of what possibly influenced Joe into becoming who he is today. Some people may hate this, but I personally love an “origin” story that continues to the discussion of nature vs nurture. Joe is trying to figure out how to leave Love and run away with Henry.

Joe figures out how to survive in suburbia by making friends for the first time and finding a new bookstore to work in so he can have some Me time. Which was all really fun and interesting to watch him go through. However, I was worried for a bit that we wouldn’t get back to our stalker Joe and suburbia had tamed him, but don’t worry. He just can’t help himself. Joe’s new obsession mixed with Love’s jealousy makes for a very splashy back third of the season and a fantastic finale leaving us open for a season 4 in a new country. Which I think would be just the thing the series needs in order to keep it fresh.

Overall, even though YOU season 3 starts a little slow, everything picks up by episode 4 and never slows down. It’s no wonder Netflix already renewed the series for a 4th season before season 3 drops. Make sure you catch the new season currently streaming on Netflix.

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